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Adapted to harsh industrial environments, the Blue COIN ID is compact, and Bluetooth technology compliant. It Identifies and tracks industrial equipment within a radius of 200 meters, with battery life reaching up to 5 years.

Its Bluetooth Low Energy technology allows it to interface with any mobile compliant. Its NFC chip brings flexibility and comfort in programming and proximity identification.

Logisware is always focused on innovation and constantly offers new solutions to customers. Latest addition of BLE beacons extends covered business cases: now you can monitor assets, trailers and various equipment, simplify driver authentication solution. Additionally, beacons enable indoor tracking where GPS is not available. Bluetooth beacons are small signal transmitters with configurable signal strength and data send intervals. Beacon can work from one battery up to 5 years.

Multiple beacons at one time:

  • Teltonika vehicle tracker supports up to 100 beacons at a time;
  • Up to 25 beacons in authorized list.
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